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Feb 2, 14


Richard is a professor who works in the Medicine Faculty of a recognized university. Due to social conflicts in his country, the university where he works interrupts his activities completely with relative frequency, generating frustration among Richard’s students.

Aware of the enormous importance of maintaining the interest and motivation of his students, Richard decided to call them away from the university, which is often difficult to gather all his students.

Richard came to WEBSABIZ ! He arranged his classes online and now when is required, Richard invites his students to do their activities online. As it is a university course Richard maintains private access only for his students.

Feb 2, 14
May 10, 15

Alba Cecilia

Alba Cecilia is very active in her community. She usually sends text messages through WhatsApp to promote among the neighbors the need to keep common and recreational areas clean. She also sends text messages to promote good family living. She has had so much acceptance that now she invites experts in personal motivation and meets – once a week – with more than 20 people from her community to give talks on a variety of related topics, but due to her occupations, she won’t able to do any more her speeches.

The last speech that a guest speaker gave was about How to Resolve Conflict situations with those closest to you. Many people in her community ask her when she will restart her events.

Alba Cecilia knew about WEBSABIZ and now maintains a space online where she place the records, reflections, and comments from her speeches. With the financial contribution of the community, Alba Cecilia has managed to maintain an account with us, and where members of other communities participate too.

May 10, 15
Jun 21, 16


Antonio is an expert in various areas of Digital Marketing. He just returned from China where he lived for two and a half years. Antonio wanted to share his experience, but he did not find people to take him into account. He has resorted to face-to-face training companies, has entered his CV in public and private universities and due to the economic recession in his country, it has not been possible to enter the labor market. Antonio heard about WEBSABIZ and decided to share his knowledge online. Now he has an opportunity to progress and get ahead.

Jun 21, 16
Jun 21, 16


Elixa works for an international cargo transportation company for Latin America. The headquarter is located in Miami and it has branch offices in several Latin American countries. Elixa needs to keep in touch with the heads of each office since it is essential to standardize the company’s objectives. Elixa come up to WEBSABIZ and now she provides online training to the sales representatives of each branch. Today Elixa actives WEBSABIZ services only for two months, the duration of the training that gives her company once a year.

Jun 21, 16
Jun 21, 16


Anabel is finishing her postgraduate course on the Use of Cryptocurrencies, and she needs to show her tutor a preview of her work, but he has migrated to another country. Anabel come up to WEBSABIZ , opened an urgent account for a week, posted her thesis paper, and was able to discuss it with her tutor. After six months, Anabel reactivated her account and now provides online training about new ways of payment, the elimination of cash on transactions, and the use of cryptocurrencies.

Jun 21, 16
Jun 21, 16


Rossana, Pedro and Andrés are three experts in Social Networks. Since they met they have wanted to share their knowledge together. They knew about the existence of WEBSABIZ , and each one has become an Instructor to publish courses in which they participate and thus generate and manage their content as a community. Their courses are excellent!

Jun 21, 16

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