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Frequently Asked Questions

How to subscribe to Websabiz?

Go to the ACCESS menu, select the option SUBSCRIBE TO WEBSABIZ, and fill in the basic data.

Is there a difference between subscribing and affiliating?

Yes, there is a difference. Once you subscribe you can see the contents that are published. You can buy them through the payment platform, or in case of free contents, you can see them immediately.

Affiliation means that once you have subscribed, you will have to acquire an Instructor Affiliation so that you can create and publish courses.

Can I see the list of published courses without subscribing?

Yes. You can navigate using the menu EVENTS, and select PUBLIC COURSES and there you can see all the published courses. However, if you want to enroll in one of them, you have to subscribe first.

Can I create courses just by subscribing?

To be able to create courses and publish them you must acquire an Affiliation after subscribing. If you want to see the plans of Affiliation consult this link PLANS

Can I create courses without a price, i.e. free of charge?

Yes. When you are editing your course on Websabiz, just choose the free course option. Conditions apply for this, so we invite you to read the Websabiz Terms of Use.

If my membership expires, will i no longer have access to the Websabiz community?

Once the time of your affiliation expires, you will be able to continue enjoying the services and contents that Websabiz offers to its members. You will only be able to create and publish new courses when you acquire any of the available affiliations. Courses already published will not be available for purchase by other Websabiz members. We invite you to read Websabiz' Terms of Use.

Is there a way that courses have more than one author?

Yes, it is possible. When you are editing your course, go to the "Instructors" section of the editor and select the "Add More Instructors" button. There you can search for the name(s) of the instructor(s) you want to participate in the construction of your course. They will also have access to editing the course and will appear as authors of the course once it is published. The names of additional authors will not appear in the certificate issued for this course. Translated with (free version)

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