For Instructors

n WEBSABIZ a course is composed of the following elements:

  1. Course Title
    • Course description
  2. Topic, Theme or Chapter
    • Name of Topic or Chapter
    • Summary of the Theme or Chapter
    • Lessons
    • Exam, quiz
    • Final assignment of topic or assignment for the topic

You could do as many chapters as you want. If your course has a conclusion, it should be included as a Theme or Chapter.

All elements are optional and you can include some or all of them in your course.

Within each Lesson you can include Pictures, Videos and Attachments..

We recommend that the name of the course, as well as the description and structure of the course, be defined by you before entering our application. This way the work will be more fluid.

Once you are on your dashboard, to include a new course just click the following button:


Then include the Title that you think best fits your course. Also, describe it in such a way as to attract many students to enroll on it.

Use the editor tools to adjust the text as you wish.

In this section you can set 8 characteristics of your course.

Here you can set the maximum number of students you want to see your course. It is possible to be part of a bonus or promotion associated with a previous course where it is only seen by the first 50 people who buy that previous course. In case you don’t have it, write the number zero (0) and it will be unlimited. You can also indicate the Level of Difficulty of your course.


Here you can enable or disable the sequence of how you want students to progress through the course.

If you decide to enable it you can choose one of the following options:

a) Sequence by date. In this case, you can indicate that each chapter of your course will be enabled after a certain date. For example, you can indicate that Chapter 2 will be available 1 week after the end of Chapter 1.
b) Content available after X days after enrollment.
c) Content available sequentially: here, you will only be able to view the next Topic/Chapter after you have completed the previous one. You will not be able to advance without completing the previous one.
d) Content available after completing a previous course established by you.

You have the option of enabling a discussion group for your course. When you click on the box presented to you, choose New Discussion Group. We insist that this is optional.

Select the language in which your content will be written. This will serve to filter the courses in each available language later on.

You can choose in which category you want to include your course: Economy, Finance, Health, Entertainment, Crafts, etc. The categories are previously established by Websabiz in the database. If you want to include a new category, send us an email to with the title NEW CATEGORY

6.- PRICE:
Here you must indicate the cost of your course. The minimum cost you can include is $10 as indicated in our Terms and Conditions of Use. You can also indicate that your course is free. As for the free courses, they will be evaluated and approved by Websabiz as indicated in the Websabiz Terms of Use.

Place here an image with which you will present your course on the Public Courses page.

8.- VIDEO:
You can include an introductory video to the course from various sources: HTML-mp4 (this is a video you have on your computer or in the Websabiz media library), an external URL (address of a video you have posted elsewhere), YouTube, or Vimeo.

The first thing you must include is a Topic using the Add New Topic button. This topic refers to the name of the chapter, division, section, title, section, part, article, episode or whatever you want to call it.

After including the Topic and a summary of it if you wish, you can start including lessons. You cannot include lessons if you have not added a Topic first.

The first thing is to indicate the name of the Lesson.

Then you must include the body of the lesson. You can use the edit menu to adjust the text or include objects. You can include some resource (video, image, audio, link) into the body of the Lesson using the “Add object” button.

You can also include an image that you want to associate with this lesson if you want using the “Upload Featured Image” button.

If you want to associate a video with the lesson, you can do it equally from several sources: HTML-mp4 (this is a video you have on your computer or in the Websabiz media library), an external URL (address of a video you have posted elsewhere), YouTube, or Vimeo. Another resource is to “embed” an interactive video by placing the embed code on it. You can use our Conexiolab application for this purpose.

You can also include an attachment: MS Office documents, pdf, video, sounds, etc, that will not be played in the lesson but are available for the student to download.

If in your course design you are offering a Certificate of Completion for your course, you will probably want to evaluate your students. Our platform allows you to create questionnaires, quizzes or tests that you want to evaluate the level of the students. You can even adjust the pass rate for your course. When you use the “Test” button, you will be presented with the following box to start creating your quiz. Here you should write the title of your test / questionnaire / quiz and a brief comment about the material you are going to evaluate. Once you save and progress with the exam, you will be presented with the following box where you will have to add a question. Note that you can write as many questions as you want and each question can be of a different type. Selecting “Add a question” displays the following form:
  1. True / False
  2. Single Option
  3. Multiple options
  4. Open question / Essay
  5. Fill in the blanks
  6. Short answer
  7. Match
  8. Matching images
  9. Answer Images
  10. Sort

For Students

When you see a course and want to buy it, just include it in the cart and follow all the steps for the purchase. The payment gateways available at the moment are payment by PayPal, payment with credit cards, and payment by transfer using the Zelle system.

Once you have made your payment, whether it was made through PayPal or by credit card, you will have immediate access to your course. If the payment was made through the Zelle platform, you must wait for us to verify the payment before giving you access to it.  One way to access is through your Dashboard. There, you can click on the option Enrolled courses and it will take you to all the courses you have enrolled in, your active courses and your completed courses.

Access your course to view the first lesson. Once you have read, viewed, and understood the content of that lesson, proceed to indicate that you have completed that lesson by clicking on the “Complete Lesson” button.

Don’t forget to click this button every time you finish a lesson as certificates cannot be issued if you have not completed 100% of the lessons.