1. All users, when subscribing to websabiz.com, accept the conditions of use and privacy detailed below.
  2. WEBSABIZ offers a space where an environment free of discrimination of any kind, hate, offense, and where all content must be oriented to share knowledge that does not lead to illegal activities and out of the prevailing laws.
  3. The contents must be oriented to people over 18 years old.
  4. The responsible for the contents published in each course is the Instructor.
  5. WEBSABIZ may request the Instructor to change any of the contents of the course if it contravenes the Websabiz.com Use Policies. For various reasons, there are certain types of topics that we simply will not allow to be published on your Dashboard, or in the Course section of WEBSABIZ.
  6. WEBSABIZ will take all measures within its power to protect the copyright of the content included in each course.
  7. If there is any complaint of appropriation of content against any course published on websabiz.com, this course will be removed from publication, the instructor will be notified about the measure and the instructor must clarify and resolve the dispute with the complainant. Until the complaint is dismissed by the complainant, the course will remain unpublished.
  8. WEBSABIZ reserves the right to remove you and your content if your content contains material (determined, in our sole discretion) that is libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, illegal, threatening, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable or violates intellectual property and it is not properly resolved.
  9. All users of Websabiz.com are considered non-employees of the company. Instructors who receive profits from the sale of their courses. We will send a list of earnings at the end of each calendar year for tax purposes in their respective countries of residence. In the case of being a resident of the United States of America, the respective W-9 will be sent to Instructors electronically.
  10. Unless explicitly mentioned in this Agreement, Instructors and Students are responsible for the payment of any and all applicable taxes that are due for the use of the Platform.
  11. Every user has the right to request the deletion of his/her profile or data within the Platform, which it should be sent to the email info@websabiz.com. info@websabiz.com
  12. Access to the platform is on an individual basis, so sharing user information and password is prohibited. If this activity is detected, the accounts will be immediately suspended without the right to a refund for violation of the Use Policies.
  13. The refund policy for Instructors is as follows: 100% of the membership will be refunded less the transfer costs, f the request is received within 24 hours of the subscription. There will be no refund if the request for refund is received after this time.
  14. Refund policy for students: once the course purchase is made, no refunds will be granted for courses enrolled.
  15. A student’s enrollment in a course will be valid for up to 3 months whether the student has completed the course or not. After that time, the student will have to re-enroll in the course. Access to each course is individual and you will be able to download all the resources available for the course once the respective payment has been processed.
  16. The price of each course is at the discretion of each facilitator so WEBSABIZ does not interfere with the setting of the course price.
  17. The minimum price of a course is set at $10.
  18. The benefits of affiliation to an Instructor are as follows:
    • Transient Membership:
      • Activation time is four (4) weeks.
      • Monetization: 75% for the instructor and 25% for WEBSABIZ based on the number of students enrolled in each course.
      • Minimum amount to request – via Dashboard – the withdrawal of your money: $80.
      • You can create and publish 2 courses on our platform.
      • You can request the reservation of 1 Video Conference for each course published.
    • Recurrent Membership:
      • Activation time is six (8) weeks.
      • Monetization: 80% for the instructor and 20% for WEBSABIZ based on the number of students enrolled in each course.
      • Minimum amount to request – via Dashboard – the withdrawal of your money: $80.
      • You can create and publish 2 courses on our platform.
      • You can request the reservation of 1 Video Conference for each course published.
    • Permanent Membership:
      • Activation time is fifty-two (52) weeks.
      • Monetization: 85% for the instructor and 15% for WEBSABIZ based on the number of students enrolled in each course.
      • Minimum amount to request – via Dashboard – the withdrawal of your money: $80.
      • You can create and publish an UNLIMITED number of courses on our platform.
      • You can request an UNLIMITED number of Video conference reservations for each course published.
  19. For all types of memberships: The rule between courses with prices and free is as follows: for each paid course (price established by the Instructor), a free course can be published. If an Instructor requests the publishing of a course without complying with this rule, this will not be approved and the Instructor will be informed of this Policy.
  20. Any claim must be processed through the e-mail info@websabiz.com it must be resolved under a friendly negotiation. In the absence of an agreement, the relevant civil authorities in the United States of America will be contacted.
  21. Regarding Video Conferences: WEBSABIZ guarantees the availability of the Video Conference service on the date and time requested by the Instructor. Once the reservation time for the Video Conference has ended, the service will be terminated. The Instructor must make provisions to cover all its content within the time he has reserved. Time extensions of the video conference will not be processed.
  22. The Instructor accepts that by uploading their content to websabiz.com, they allow us to store their content. You agree to provide WEBSABIZ with all necessary licenses, including a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, and transferable license to use (for example, to display or transmit) your content in support of WEBSABIZ services (in other words, because Instructor owns their content, he or she must give us implicit permission to display it or use it for internal operational purposes, such as storing it on our servers)
  23. WEBSABIZ may modify, terminate, or refuse to provide WEBSABIZ services at any time and for any reason, without prior notice. WEBSABIZ may remove any person from the Websabiz.com Platform at any time and for any reason, solely at the discretion of WEBSABIZ. This right is not modified by any other section of this Agreement.
  24. If an Instructor cancels a membership, the cancellation will be effective at the end of the cycle of that membership. When Instructor cancels a membership, the account will revert to a free account and WEBSABIZ may disable access to the features available only for users with paid memberships. Courses will be unpublished unless WEBSABIZ decides to keep them published at its discretion.
  25. If a course created by an Instructor that has canceled its paid membership remains published at WEBSABIZ discretion, and it is purchased by a Student, the monetization ratio will be maintained at 60% for the Instructor and 40% for WEBSABIZ based on the number of students enrolled in each course.
  26. WEBSABIZ does not guarantee that the Platform or the services offered through the Platform are free of errors, nor do we guarantee that defects will be corrected immediately. WEBSABIZ may implement improvements and/or changes to the Platform and its features and functionality at any time, and we will make commercially reasonable efforts to avoid interruption of services during peak hours, although some downtime may occur. Errors in the Content are the responsibility of the Instructor who owns the Content.
  27. We reserve the right to modify the Platform, and any services or materials we provide on the Platform, at our sole discretion, and without notice. We will not be liable if, for any reason, all or part of the Platform is unavailable at any time or for any period. From time to time, we may restrict access to part or all of the Platforms to Instructors and Students.
  28. Transfer costs of Instructor earnings:
    • Transfer to a PayPal account: no cost.
    • Transfer using Zelle system to an affiliated bank: no cost.
    • Bank transfer within the United States of America: US$ 3.00.
    • Transfer outside the United States of America: US$ 45.00.
    • WEBSABIZ will make every effort to process the withdrawal request within 7 days of receipt.