Websabiz TM

Websabiz is a product of our company Apptonomous LLC. Our teamwork is formed by professionals with experience in the areas of E-Learning, Business, Programming, Economics, and Education.

We met during the conception of a Mathematics education project for Primary and Secondary schools through an online application, which was financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). After many hours of work on that project to give it shape and meaning, one of the partners shares an idea he had in mind for a while that would help people to monetize their knowledge, whatever it was, and it could be available to everyone. We decided to shape this project and concrete it for the benefit of many.

In this project we have applied our knowledge in the learning process, and in the business areas, to provide an user-friendly and low-cost tool for both Instructors and Students. Because the circumstances in today’s world, where intensive use of Internet resources is a necessity, we have decided to launch WEBSABIZ .

WEBSABIZ is an application that looks to create a space between those people who have a need to share knowledge (Instructor), and those people who understand that:

  1. Knowledge and learning are essential elements for the development of professionals today.
  2. The training before a new activity leads them to improve them.
  3. Learning new things fills the spirit of people.

Our service consists in offering that common space, with an added value that implies a course editor that allows showing the contents in a consistent and professional way. Similarly, our service includes the administrative management of monetization, and deliver them to the instructors in a convenient way.

Thank you for allowing us to help you!

What does Websabiz mean?
We Provide

Online educational spaces for universities, public or private institutions, schools, colleges.

We Do Not Sell Courses

Our core is not selling courses but providing the services for you to monetize yours.

We Promote

The new ways of working in which we will be involved in the coming years.

Why choose us?

We encourage the Growth
and Development of your career

We offer the opportunity to grow professionally through personal and personalized entrepreneurship.

For your entrepreneurship 80%
For Websabiz 20%
Commitment to yourself 100%